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National Specialty Weekend
Celebrates the Year of the Dog

September 14, 2018 Pekingese Club of America
    Regular Classes - Patricia Metzger, Muhlin Pekingese
    Sweepstakes - Sheri Martinez, Amerglo Pekingese

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Am. Can. Phil. CH  Dreamville Jersey Boy: BOB
Breeder: Dr. Raymundo Lo
Owners: Dr. Raymundo Lo & Howard Fan

Katsa Beverly Leslie: WD, BBBE, BOW
Breeders/Owners: Tom Jenkins and Vince Hedrick

Prima Jolene: WB, BP
Breeder/Owner: Barbara Streemke

Judge Nomination Biographies for our 2020 PCA National
October 18, 2020
Radisson Hotel Harrisburg
Camp Hill, PA

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Regular Classes Nominees - Page 2

Sweepstakes Nominees

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