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 Judge and Breeder Education

Judges Education Presentation



All PCA Mentors must be approved by the PCA Board of Directors.

Requirements of a PCA Mentor:

ü  Documentation of ten years in the breed and/or recognized knowledge and experience in the breed.

ü  Knowledge of the background, history and idiosyncrasies of the breed.

ü  Comfortable presenting in front of a group of people.

ü  Agree to follow only PCA-approved curriculum.

ü  Exhibition in at least two PCA National Specialties.  

ü  Participation in a minimum of two parent club-approved Pekingese seminars, one of which must have been presented at the National Specialty.

ü  Being either an approved AKC breeder/judge or a breeder having bred at least four litters resulting in a total of at least four champions.

For more information, contact Susan Shephard.

Mentor Application

We reimburse out of pocket expenses for printed materials for the seminars. 
Lodging, meals, mileage, etc. is not reimbursed.

Pekingese Club of America List of Approved Mentors

Diane Bell, ON, 613 257-8885

Carmen Blankenship, TX, 972 296-9642

Diane Burvee, MO, 816 452-6875

Tom Curley, ON, 613 257-8885

Randall Ferguson, SC, 864 650-3078

David Fitzpatrick, PA, 717 586-0961 

Eugene Hinson, SC, 864 650-3078 

Louise Harden, DE, 302 398-0875

Tom Jenkins, DE, 302-530-5624

Steve Keating, TX, 214 923-6201

Ted Lee, IN, 317 771-5952

Ray Lo, PH, 632 931-2598

Sheri Martinez, CA, 661 273-6506

Joseph McGinnis, FL, 727 432-5624

Patty Metzger, MO, 636 828-5597

Carol Kniebusch Noe, VA, 540 249-4796  

Betty-Claire Peacock, AR, 870 382-6115

Tim Reese, ID, 208 521-1409

Karen Schultz-Fries, OH, 330 832-2436

Susan Shephard, FL, 407 230-9086

Don Sutton, TX, 214 946-2624

Joy Thoms, OR, 503 829-6012 

Betty Tilley-Poole, FL, 401 255-4643

Pamela Winters, CA, 760 631-0556  

Randy Winters, ID, 208 521-2207