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 Judge and Breeder Education

Judges Education Presentation

Information about our next presentation will be printed in Specialty Premium Lists or posted here if not in conjunction with a Specialty.


All PCA Mentors must be approved by the PCA Board of Directors.

Requirements of a PCA Mentor:

ü  Documentation of ten years in the breed and/or recognized knowledge and experience in the breed.

ü  Knowledge of the background, history and idiosyncrasies of the breed.

ü  Exhibition in at least two PCA National Specialties.  

ü  Participation in a minimum of two parent club-approved Pekingese seminars, one of which must have been presented at the National Specialty.

ü  Being either an approved AKC breeder/judge or a breeder having bred at least four litters resulting in a total of at least four champions.

For more information/forms, contact Carol Kniebusch Noe or David Fitzpatrick.

Mentor Application

Pekingese Club of America List of Approved Mentors

Diane Bell, ON, 613 257-8885

Carmen Blankenship, TX, 972 296-9642

Diane Burvee, MO, 816 452-6875

Tom Curley, ON, 613 257-8885

Randall Ferguson, SC, 864 650-3078

David Fitzpatrick, PA, 717 586-0961 

Eugene Hinson, SC, 864 650-3078 

Louise Harden, DE, 302 398-0875

Steve Keating, TX, 214 923-6201

Ted Lee, IN, 317 771-5952

Ray Lo, PH, 632 931-2598

Sheri Martinez, CA, 661 273-6506

Joseph McGinnis, FL, 727 432-5624

Patty Metzger, MO, 636 828-5597

Carol Kniebusch Noe, VA, 540 249-4796  

Betty-Claire Peacock, AR, 870 382-6115

Tim Reese, ID, 208 521-1409

Karen Schultz-Fries, OH, 330 832-2436

Susan Shephard, FL, 407 230-9086

Don Sutton, TX, 214 946-2624

Joy Thoms, OR, 503 829-6012 

Betty Tilley-Poole, FL, 401 255-4643

Pamela Winters, CA, 760 631-0556  

Randy Winters, ID, 208 521-2207