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U.S. Pekingese Publications:

  • Pekingese magazine: The Orient Express Unfortunately, the "OE" is no longer being published. Last issue was Nov/Dec of 2017.

UK Pekingese Publications:


Educational Articles:


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  • Cross, Ashton (1932) The Pekingese Dog, Tonbridge Publications, Great Britain. Author is one of the pioneers of the breed, breeder of the famous and influential “Alderbourne” strain which set modern type.
  • Godden, Rummer (1977) The Butterfly Lions-The Pekingese in History, Legend and Art, Viking Press, NY.
  • Howe, Elsa and Ellic (1954) The Pekingese Scrapbook, Chapman and Hall, London.
  • Landsowne Charmaine (1934) The Imperial Dog of China - The Pekingese, Wolfer Printing, Los Angeles, CA. 
  • Nicholas, Anna Katherine and Brearley, Joan (1975) The Book of The Pekingese, T.F.H. Publications, Inc. 336 pages.  Many historical photos through the decades “From Palace Dogs to the present day.”  Other works on Pekingese by Anna Katherine Nicholas: The Pekingese (1952) Judy Publishing Company; and The Pekingese (1990) T.F.H. Publications, Ltd.
  • O'Neill, Raymond (2004) The Book of British Pre War Pekingese Champions, history of the Breed in the UK prior to the Second World War (1st edition only).
  • Quigley, Dorothy (1964) The Quigley Book of the Pekingese, Howell Book House, New York. A well regarded manual on breeding and maintaining Pekingese from one of the most successful breeder-exhibitors in American history.
  • Stannard, Liz (1999) The Complete Pekingese, Ringpress, England.  Chapter on important influences in North American breed history by Tony Rosato with color photos of some of the most noteworthy Pekingese i
  • Williams, Vandella and Summers, Adele (1990) Pekingese, An Owners Companion, Crowood press, England.  Excellent educational resource, with good photos of influential winners. 

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