Founded in 1909

Having sired twelve (12) or more champions

Sire Owner
Ai Kou Chances Are, Ch. Lois & Don Thomas
Ai Kou Sunni Dragon, Ch. Lois & Don Thomas
Belknap Little Nugget, Ch. Patricia Metzger
Briarcourt's Coral Gable, Ch. David Fitzpatrick
Briarcourt's Damien Gable, Ch. David Fitzpatrick
Briarcourt's Rule Britannia, Ch. Joan Mylchreest
Dunkirk I'm Gonna Live Forever, Ch. Timothy Reese & Randy L. Winters
Feeling Amorous at Toydom, Ch. Lois & Don Thomas
Fourwinds Cassius, Ch. Mary Ann Jackson
Fourwinds Quietly Elegant, Ch. Mary Ann Jackson
Fourwinds Quietly Royal, Ch. Mary Ann Jackson
Genisim The Alchemist, Ch. Edith Jones & Pat Martello
Briarcourt's Incognito, Ch. Herbert Jacques
Hope's Firecracker Sparkle, Ch. Brenda Schleiblauer
Jo-Li Matheny's Warrior, Ch. Eva Matheny
Jo-Li Wind In The Willows, Ch. Joseph Joly
Katering's To Be Continued, Ch. Randy Winters & Timothy Reese
Knolland Red Rover, Ch.  PLATINUM Michael Hill
Kushan Gold Ransom of Pekehuis, Ch. Elizabeth Tilley-Poole
Mei Li Masquerade, Ch. Lucille Tulloch
Muhlin Boogaloo, Ch. Patricia Metzger & Christine Hann
Muhlin Monopoly, Ch. Herbert & Erna Holcombe
Pascan Prokofiev at Toydon, Ch. Mary Ann Jackson
Rodari The Dragon at Lon-Du, Ch. Arlon Duit
St. Aubrey Domingo of Elsdon, Ch. Brenda Scheiblauer
St. Aubrey Frangelico of Elsdon, Ch. R.W. Taylor & Robert R. Denis
St. Aubrey Yu Tong of Elsdon, Ch. Frank Tingley
Taeplace Monet, Ch. Beth & John Ferrier
Tenling Golden Arrow of Pekehuis, Eng. Ch. Winifred Mee
Windemere Hard to be Humble, Ch. Joy Thoms
Wun Chun Donatello, Ch. Dr. Anthony Pomato & Judy Pomato
Yakee Forward Step at Pleiku, Ch. Elizabeth Tilley-Poole