Founded in 1909



2019 PCA National Results

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BOB: GCH CH Deja Vu Kiss Me Like You Mean It (B), Susan Shephard

BOS: GCH CH Sunrise Dragon Nikola (D), Stephanie Hill/Sandra Jones/Alexandra Romero

WD/BW/BP: Livanda Del Potro, Danilo Jenkins

(photo board with "BBBE" is incorrect)

RWD/BBBE: Dreamville King of Hearts, Ray Lo

WB: Windemere's Crystal Contessa, Deborah Thompson

RWB: Montai Lady Luck, Heather Ginochio

BISWPS: Montai Lady Luck, Heather Ginochio

BOSWPS: Aslan Silvergate Crown Victoria, Nicole Cooper, Lori & Mark Stephen